Wednesday 30 January 2013


Disappears daddy came back from his early morning walk with River with disturbing news.

Foxy Lectar went on a rampage last night!

The road is a right mess. There's bins knocked over all over the place. All up our road and all the way out of the estate, their contents literally strewed everywhere. He said he hadn't seen such a mess in a long time.

I ran and had a quick look from the office window. He wasn't exaggerating! Foxy must have been furious, it's green bin day today so only garden waste and a bit of cardboard. If he was that desperate looking for food he must be hungry and when someone who's on the edge is hungry it's a very serious and dangerous combination.

I'm getting the message out to everyone today to be careful tonight. The lighter Naughty Twin may be brave enough to go out at night but in the state Foxy is in anything could be possible!