Tuesday 15 January 2013

Do We Trust This New Information?

The darker Naughty Twin has just had a conversation with Spit and it appears all is not what it seems.

They were on C's garage roof a great place to go if you want a bit of peace. 

Yes he's admitted he's a member of The New Cat Crew but he says an unwilling one!

He's been wanting to leave for ages but there's a lot of pressure from Flash and Chameleon in particular. They've all hung around together for a long time but recently he told the Naughty Twin he's been very unhappy with their policy of intimidating others and coming in to new areas and bullying others so that they can take the best of a place.

He's unsure of where Doublay's intentions lay but he thinks he may also be wanting to leave. The trouble is the group is controlled with an iron fist and once you're in it's very hard to leave.

He said he has to keep up the pretence whenever he feels someone can be around to spot him which is why he's been very active recently. He said he thinks they may suspect that he is no longer as loyal to The Crew and therefore he's been joining in picking on people.

Well IF this is true then we must help him. One of the strongest principles in Catworld is that all are welcome but welcome in peace.

I think another Cat Council is in order although after the last one I'm not sure how well it will go down. I also think it would be foolish of us just to trust this information, he could be a double agent. The darker Naughty Twin certainly seemed to believe him, I just hope his catty powers are in full working order and we're not walking into a trap.