Wednesday 9 January 2013

Here's Hoping

It's beginning to rain and sometimes just watching the rain can be such a lovely thing to do.

Keeping this thought in mind I ventured downstairs. Everything seemed quiet. I could hear daddy on the phone with River asleep quietly next to him so I jumped up on the table to look out at the back garden.

That's when I saw Spit was back again sitting on the back shed roof. I watched hin for ages. He had his back to me so I could get a proper look at his markings. It's bizarre how alike we look. If I didn't know that I was me I would have sworn that it was me out there.

I've been thinking that maybe the best way of resolving this situation is to try and speak to him. If we're alike in looks maybe we're alike in temperament and have a similar outlook on life. A bit of a stretch I know but worth a try to try and stop this beef from getting out of control.

He then turned and stared right at me. No trouble, no hissing, no giving anything away. We just sat and stared at each other for a while before he moved off disappearing into Squirrel Tree.

I went up the front to get a stroke from daddy but decided against getting too close, I didn't want to disturb the sleeping baby and that's when George walked by.

He nodded and asked if everything was alright. I nodded back.

I think I want to keep my plan to myself at the moment. At least if Spit and I can bond maybe it will help the rest of The New Cat Crew come around and not start something that could escalate out of control. Here's hoping.