Monday 7 January 2013

The Cats Begin To Gather

The cats of Catworld are beginning to gather.

The Cat Council will soon be in session. The time has been set 12 noon.

Daddy and River have gone out and it couldn't have been more perfect timing.

It's being held here and they would surely have been suspicious with the garden swamped with us all.

The lighter Naughty Twin sent out the call to everyone to start getting together. Her brother was already prepared waiting on the back shed roof.

George and Sarah have been playing over E's and are on their way.

I'm feeling very nervous there is a real air of tension everywhere.

I've not spotted Emma or Bella yet and I'm not expecting Twizzle to come she is a little like me and never ventures over the other side of the road.

Mogsie I'm sure will update her.

All of us gathering has not gone unnoticed Doublay has been lurking around and I'm sure will be reporting this mornings movements back to her gang.

Oh I feel sick. Mogsie is on his way and he looks furious.