Sunday 6 January 2013

Looking Fragile

Well what a night that was, very interrupted. River decided that she wanted to go to the toilet at 5 and winged until she woke us all up.

I don't blame her she's not grown up enough yet to go down the stairs on her own and let herself out. Still that doesn't mean to say I'm not tired now.

I'm downstairs cuddled up next to Stay daddy, Disappears is still trying to catch up on his sleep as he had to take her out. I'm keeping a low profile so I can just sit here without River jumping up at me wanting to play and from this position I can see George over the way.

Oh dear he's still not looking himself. That must have been one heavy night for him to be  fragile again today. It looks like he's thinking about hiding in that box to get away from the world.

Why won't some cats just get it alcohol is poison for us and even a sip will make us very ill? Still I guess he won't be doing that in a hurry again. I wonder what the occasion was?

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