Friday 1 February 2013

Gaining Perspective

Well that sleep really did do me good.

I'm still feeling sad but I guess it was the shock of actually catching them together. I just didn't see it coming. At least I'm no longer angry, I guess I'm gaining proper perspective on the actually situation.

I woke up near enough as the daddies were going to bed so I had a little wander downstairs on my own before joining them and going back to sleep.

I must have been very tired as I woke up this morning when they did. I guess heightened emotions can be draining. When I came down it was like daddy knew something was wrong as there were Dreamies in lots of places. He must have known I needed that extra little boost.

I've not seen anyone around this morning must be because of the rain, everyone's keeping inside at the moment. This helps I guess I just don't need it in my face.

Daddy says best to keep busy to distract yourself in times such as these so I'm focussing on our  honey trap plans and stored some of the extra Dreamies away in my little pile out in the garage. I need to know what the next step is so I hope someone comes by soon. If nothing else I need them to collect my pile.