Tuesday 5 February 2013

My Vocabulary

I can hear daddy giving River a test on her vocabulary.

I have a natural flare when it comes to learning different languages. I'm fluent in most animal languages although I do have some trouble properly understanding Anacondas and Zebras for some reason. The marvel of the TV.

I am also fluent in 24 human languages so I find I can get by in most situations.

The daddies talk to me pretty much in fluent English, they know I understand even if they don't know that I REALLY understand every word they say.

There's a couple of recent words that I've had to get to watch out for.

RUN! Generally means Rivers on my tale.

LEAVE. Means don't swipe at River

NO! Means we really mean it DON'T swipe at River!

Come On. Means come and settle on daddies lap/leg/chest/stomach, anywhere he's patting really.

Oh come on stay Lil. Which means don't be mardy River isn't hurting you so stop being so stroppy.

Good girl is always followed by a stroke. I've always had this one but have heard it a bit more recently. Pretty much speaks for itself.

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