Sunday 3 February 2013

Last Night With Troy Lamore - Part 2

Picking up the Dreamies from the lettuce dish I ran back out. I could see that Troy had moved a little further back and was sitting up by The Wiseman.

His eyes were closed. I thought he was consulting but then he turned and smiled.

Come on he said and we moved as if to go into the house of glass. There outside on the blanket was a little Lei placed right in the middle.

It would be rude of me to turn up without flowers for you. He nodded towards the string of petals. 

Shall we just sit here a bit under the stars and you can tell me all?

We turned to face each other gazes locked. After a while he turned to look at the sky and I followed his line.

You see up there, he pointed towards a V of stars lined up. The constellation of Taurus. The Bull. I knew what he meant.

We watched the stars slowly move across the sky before Troy broke the silence.

Let's now eat and we can talk.

I open the packet and pushed a salmon Dreamy his way. I coyly watched him as he ate. Filling him in on all the details the arrival of River, the attempted take over by The New Cat Crew. Our doubts about Spit and Doublay, the trouble that Foxy Lectar has been causing and our plan to bring everything to a head.

Wow, a lot going on. Anything else been happening? He paused his eyes soft but firm asking their own question.

I put my head down to buy a bit of time my mind ticking over. Should I say something about Mogsie and George or not? He bent his head down to meet mine. I noticed his neck line, and the tiny movement of his nose as he smelt the air between us. I went weak. Thank goodness I was sitting down or my knee's may have trembled.

So pretty girl, he broke the silence as he sat upright

Fancy a ring side seat?

Without thinking a Yes was out of my mouth.

I trusted him totally he would keep me safe there was no danger when he was around. I pushed that message back to him through our eye talk. He understood where we were.

He laughed. So as I see it there's three things on tonight's menu. 

3 I thought? My eyes must have appeared quizzical as he quickly responded.

To break up The New Cat Crew rescuing Spit and Doublay, scare Foxy Lectar rigid bringing peace back to the land and... he grinned. To see just how far you choose to go.

OMG. His expression didn't change, just a small grin in the corner of his mouth his eyes did all the talking.


Come on, he smiled. Lets go see YOU.

I once was so shy but there was something about Troy Lamore. Once met, life changed for ever!

His left eye raised up a little. Confidence you know Lil' is a very attractive quality, he brushed his nose with his paw.

Err. I was flustered, my mind had gone blank, I couldn't speak. He must have sensed this

Come on Lil' let's have an adventure. I know you can be impulsive!

Too right! Confidence flowing throughout me I grabbed his paw and we prepared to run. 

Everything told me yes. I still didn't know much about him but I certainly knew enough. This was intoxicating.

Tonight Lil' I hope is going to be a night that neither of us will ever forget. Let us go and have an adventure I want to take you somewhere where I don't think you've been before.