Monday 25 February 2013

Which One Was It That Saw Me?

George popped by this evening much to my surprise.

It was raining and I don't expect anyone to come out when it's raining let alone popping around to see me. All very out of the blue but pleasant. It was nice he was putting in such thought and effort.

The daddies and River were out so I could stick around for a bit of a chat.

I enquired after his eye which looking better at the moment than it has for a while.

He asked how things were with me. Pretty fine I replied.

I then told him about seeing Flash yesterday and he said he'd pass the message on to everyone. He'd not seen Flash or Chameleon he said.

As he went he turned back for a second. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about BRAVE Lil'

Brave Lil'!

Oh now I am confused. First Mogsie and now George. Which one was it that saw me?