Tuesday 19 February 2013

Pea Soup

Wow I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before Catworld has been shrouded in the thickest layer of fog ever and it's getting worse.

It all began about 4 this morning. Stay daddy got up to go to the bathroom and accidentally kicked me off the bed. OK well I'm up and awake now so I thought I'd have a little look out the window as River had chased him into the bathroom so I couldn't follow him.

Well I couldn't see much even though us cats are renowned for our night vision.

Eventually he got back to sleep after much wiggling of the feet so I finally managed to get some more rest.

Then when we all got up again this time at the proper time it was thick white outside. I had to double checked to make sure we weren't in the midst of a blizzard but no it was all fogged up everywhere.

We've got lots of fields around us and I know the fog likes to play in them so the odd bit isn't that much of a surprise but this is something out. Daddy said when nanny and granddad where little they used to have something called Pea Soup fog. Now I don't quiet know what that's like but I tasted pea soup once and it wasn't very nice so I expect that it wasn't a very pleasant experience either.

This is something else. I can barely make out anyone. River ventured out in it I think it fooled her too and she thought it was snow and I can see Sarah running around a little in it but really this is too much. It's like having a TV on but no picture.