Thursday 28 February 2013

Are They Looking For Gold

So that's what all the noise was about.

I was just up having a look at the Little Lemon tree. The one that's  been up here all along is doing very well, the one that daddy started in the kitchen not so good. It's darker down there and the office gets very good light all through the year probably why there is such a difference in their size even though they were planted at the same time.

Anyway there was a heck of a hullabaloo going on outside just up the road a bit. I looked out and they were back the men with their digging machines. 

Well I don't know what else there is to dig up in this road. We had the gas people last year creating carnage wherever they went. Then we've had Foxy Lectar in the gardens although thankfully no recent vandalism and now some other organisation has decided to dig up the pathway again not long after it was filled in.

What are they looking for gold or something?

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