Thursday 7 February 2013

A Duvet Day

The sun's out, the heatings on, the duvets on the sofa. This can mean only one thing. Daddy is not feeling his self.

I can see River asleep on him. Must admit it's all very cute looking.

I decided not to disturb him. He was snoring last night kept on waking me up so he must be needing his rest. Also I didn't fancy a chase by River this early so I crept up onto the table.

It really feels like spring is on it's way. I know we've got about another 6 weeks to come but already up in the Peace Garden I can see the first shoots of the bluebells.

Yeah the Carpet of Purple is on it's way!

It's not the only thing I spot up there. Everyone is still keeping their heads pretty low and I can see why the lighter Naughty Twin may want to. She's flirting with George again.

Oh dear I wonder if Mogsie's got a clue?