Friday 8 February 2013

The Eyes Belonged To A Woodcutter

I've just been disturbed from my slumber by a heck of a noise out the back so I went to investigate.

There looking at me from the back of the garden was a pair of eyes and a bright yellow coat. There were men at the bottom of the garden at the back.

This was curious what were they doing?

I looked closer again and saw. The eyes belonged to a woodcutter who was taking down part of the broken Waterfall of Gold tree.

Like magic they'd appeared out of nowhere cutting and chopping and generally being very busy.

River went to the back for a little bark at them just to tell them who was who.

Thank goodness it's being dealt with. I did worry high winds would bring it crashing down on the Sunshine shed and smash it to smithereens. Crisis now averted.

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