Friday 1 February 2013

Plan B

Doublays hanging around up by the Swinging Heart of Love. My initial reaction was that we were being spied upon.

Then something told me to listen to my catty powers. I pondered back and forth. Am I beginning to doubt what I think I know about her because she reminds me of Evie or is there another reason?

I sat there for ages just watching her and she seemed deep in thought, almost troubled. At one point I swear she was talking to The Wiseman, she was staring right at him.

I'd heard that Doublay may also be thinking of leaving the group and now I was thinking that things may not quite be what they first seemed with him.

I think I need to consult with Mogsie. 

If Doublay is wanting to leave the New Cat Crew and I've got such a strong feeling now that it may be the case then would he actually pass the message on to the gang about the food storage, if of course Spit doesn't?

We may need a plan b to get the information somehow passed to Chameleon but time is short. Bella and George are going to be watching the area under the tunnel later on tonight to see if anyone turns up. Spit thinks we are leaving it there today and everything is set for the birds, Craig and the rest of the Squirrels to spread the word tomorrow to get Foxy Lectar involved.

Oh what to do?