Thursday, 21 February 2013

Best Of Both Worlds

Hanging out with daddy in the office is great and it's fantastic that everything in that way is back on track.

When River first came here he ended up spending a lot of time downstairs with her to make sure she was OK but as she's getting a bit older, a bit bigger and a bit stronger he's moved himself back up where he belongs, with me!

He told me he was worried about something called separation anxiety that little puppies can have sounds awful.

Us cat's don't suffer with such things. Out Independence serves us well but it doesn't mean to say that sometimes we don't just want buckets of attention which is why it's great daddies back working from the office.

It's been a bit of a novelty for me so I must admit to climbing all over him as he's trying to work which in the past has resulted in me being put outside. I guess he's feeling a little guilty that he's not been up here as much during the day so I've been able to push my luck a bit.

I could tell he was getting a little frustrated but you know what I didn't get chucked out. I got my chair which is so much more soft and comfy that his lap brought right next to his so we can each have our own space and I get as many strokes as I want.

Ah the joy of getting the best of both worlds.