Thursday 14 February 2013

The Twins Wind Up River

They really are so aptly names those Naughty Twins, they've been at it again,  winding up River. Bless her she didn't even realise they were having Cat Fun Time.

I saw all of this out the back window. I'd been ejected from the office as I kept on walking all over daddies work as he was trying to do it. I'd forgotten he gives me a bit of leeway but before long if I carry it on I'm out on my ear I am.

The lighter Naughty Twin walked slowly across the back wall watching River all the way. River went running up to play with her in the Peace Garden.

She sat by the Swinging Heart of Love for a few minutes before diving over the fence into AM's garden.

As River just sat there watching out for her she did a double back and her head popped up half way down the fence.

Up she climbed and catty called over to the darker naughty Twin who was watching everything from the safety of sunshine shed, laughing his little head off to see what she was doing.

Ages she sat up there just watching River, poor little thing didn't have a clue!

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