Sunday 17 February 2013

Two Handsome Suitors

The lighter Naughty Twin seem to have seen the way forward.

For a while this morning she was just sitting up on the sunshine shed just staring over towards the Peace Garden. As daddy got up I saw her from the bedroom window.

By the time I came downstairs with River and daddy she was no longer there. I scanned around a bit and saw that she was on the move over towards The Wiseman.

A very good decision. He's always there to help us in times of trouble when we need some advice. He helps us to listen to our inner self and to make the right decisions.

With everything that she's been up to recently I guess she must need some clarity. Some people think it would be a great place to be in, two handsome suitors vying for her attention. This isn't always the case sometimes too much choice can cause confusion. I hope she gets her answers as much as I was hurt by what happened I know I had no real right to react. 

Nothing had been going on with me and Mogsie and it's only been recently that I've taken such a shine to George. I wasn't with either of them everyone was a free agent.

I really feel for her now she's got herself into a right pickle but she's doing the right thing now to help her sort it out. The Wiseman always helps.