Sunday 10 February 2013

The Right Mix Of Ingredients

There's some Sunday mornings when things are just right for other things to happen.

This one has the following ingredients.

It's quiet

It's rainy but not too bad

No other house inhabitants are awake

Daddy and I are sitting with each other, he gently stroking me and telling me things that he's reading in the news.

It doesn't happen all the time. There has to be the right mix of ingredients. It doesn't have to be this set but it works the same whatever they are if they are right.

Today's little gems being discussed;

  • The only survivors among the dinosaurs are the birds. 

Now I'm sure that Crocodiles also go back to that time but wow you go birds.

  • They've discovered a pair of twin stars orbitting around each other.

Apparently this is very rare. They are only 950 million light years away, no distance at all then. No wonder it took them so long to find them.

  • We are going to be getting our best view of the year of the planet Mercury on Feb 15th and 16th.

OK well it floats his boat.

  • They've found a way to grow gold.
Now this one did make me sit up and listen. Grow Gold! Impossible! Or so I thought. They've found some sort of gold bacteria taken from the sea that some scientists have put on a little bit of gold and over times it's turned into a gold nugget. Now I thought daddy was pulling my leg but true or not that was what was reported in some very mainstream media.

  • They've found more than 45 billion earth like planets in the Milky Way.


  • And they've found two galaxy's that have crashed into each other over 2 billion years ago making the every things biggest structure ever observed and described as A glowing cosmic structure millions of light-years long.

Flipping Heck two galaxies merging!