Monday 4 February 2013

Last Night With Troy Lamore - Part 3

With that up we got. You ready? he asked. Let's go!

I smiled and off we sped. Once more over the fence we jumped into C's garden.

Keep up. I laughed back as I led the way.

This time I had no sense of hesitation. Even though it was late, near on midnight and we were running right into a potentially explosive situation I wasn't scared. There's something about Troy that when you are with him anything is possible.

I had no idea what he meant about us both going to a place we'd  never been to before and I didn't really want to know The adventure can be in surprise! No need to worry or over analyse That I guess it what can happen when you feel invisible.

Down the road we ran, the front gardens again our playground, before I knew it we were at the end of the road and we both slowed to a halt. Catching our breath in the cold night air I could see a small plume of white smoke coming from his nose enveloping his face like a cloud of angels.

After a couple of minutes he nodded towards a big dark tunnel. Through there is it? he asked.

I nodded

Shall we? he said.

I nodded. Curious to find out what was happening but a little more nervous now that we were so close.

Remember, he said,  I'll never let anything hurt you? 

I knew.

At that point a howl came from the other side echoing manically through the tunnels entrance towards us. I was startled, Foxy Lectar was just in front of us about to take the same journey. We needed to hurry but couldn't pass him without being seen. We must follow quietly, even the sound of breathing could alert him.

Remember. Troy whispered in my ear Calm is key.

He raised his paw and touched the side of my cheek. Let's go and we slowly followed Foxy into the tunnel.

The light of the lamp glowed orange at the far end and I could see some figures milling around underneath it. There was defiantly cats there although from this distance I couldn't make out who it was.

I wasn't sure who from Catworld I would find down here. With everything that had happened I'd forgotten to find out. I thought George or Mogsie would have been there hiding to see what happened but perhaps some of the others had also ventured down but I had no real idea of knowing for sure.

Foxy was half way through and had also spotted the gang under the lamp light and had slowed to a near halt.

We approached remaining about 10 meters behind him, he was alone no Silver Eyes. There was enough distance for us to have a lead on him if he spotted us and ran to attack. I could hear the sound of his anger and I must have made a noise. He turned!

I dared not look up and just concentrated on what was below me praying that we had become invisible. We must have stood still for a few minutes but it could just have been a couple of seconds in reality. He turned back towards the cats ahead and slowly paced towards the glowing light of the lamp.

We followed and the nearer we got the clearly the scene before us became.

The cats gathered were having some sort of a disagreement. I could make out Flash sitting barking orders and Chameleon pacing around menacingly. Both Spit and Doublay were there as well but something wasn't right.

The rage coming from Flash was aimed at Doublay who looked terrified!

Foxy Lectar had also stopped right at the end of the tunnel and was watching them a smile growing broadly across his face. If they hadn't been so preoccupied they could have seen him.

Chameleon was walking around Doublay and nearby sitting Spit shouting his head off. I had no idea why? Spit just sat there looking like he wanted to blend into the background.

I swear Chameleon was about to hit Doublay but at that defining moment a rabbit jumped out of the long grass that was growing on the side and made everyone jump.

The New Cat Crew spotted Foxy Lectar and everything froze in time.

Foxy slowly moved out of the shadows and into the lights full beam.

Doublay and Spit were trembling I could see that clearly even in this dim light.

Flash and Chameleon were brazing it out. The food pile right in front of them. The battle we had hoped to occur was unfolding right in front of our eyes.

That's a surprise! Troy turned to me. I wasn't expecting that!

Come on, he indicated to some taller plants, bushes and grass to our left.

We can get a better view from up there, and off he slithered.

My wanderer certainly knew where we were heading I had no idea. I could see a little mound a bit higher perhaps it was there, it would give us a great view and we'd be perfectly positioned for a quick getaway across the allotments on the other side.

I knew instinctively that he would protect me but this situation was unpredictable and I began to look around to get the lay of the land.

Foxy moved towards Flash, growling and smiling.

Flash stood his ground.

Chameleon started to hiss. Spit's eyes were wide open it didn't look like he knew what to do.

I couldn't see very well so I moved a little Troy was sat by me watching intensely as if to spring into action at a seconds notice.

A sound came from Doublay's mouth, a nervous laugh. You could tell he was on the edge.

I show you what's funny. Foxy turned to Doublay.

ME! and with that he began to run towards him.

The bushes we were in parted, a sudden wind whipped my fur. I looked down my were my feet moving I was jumping straight through the bush and straight into Foxy Lectar's line of direction.