Sunday 3 February 2013

Last Night With Troy Lamore - Part 1

I've did something last night that I've never done before and I ended up staying out all night again with a very special man.

It had been a fairly quiet evening, the daddies and River were out, Nadia was fast asleep back behind the fridge and Alo was doing what she does best. Swimming around in no hurry to go anywhere.

I had spent the evening so nervous about what was about to happen. All the planning, plotting and emotional drama of the build up had worn me out. The clock watching was just making time slow down so I decided to get a bit of sleep.

Everyone returned home about 11. I think they had been to see the girls and were settling in to watch some late night TV in front of the fire. River was tired and fell asleep almost immediately so I sat with Stay daddy and got some attention and under the chin strokes. It's one of my favourite places to be caressed so I hung around for a while.

After a bit I decided to go outside. It was a very clear night and I looked up at the sky. The stars shone brightly. Maybe the crispness of the air was focusing things sharper, tonight they seemed to be shinning brighter than they had for such a long time.

I tried to identify some of the constellations. I spotted the one called the saucepan. It's always one of the easiest to see. Three stars at it's centre in almost perfect alignment beaming Christmas Tree Lights bright.

Just as I was searching for my own constellation, Cancer, something caught the corner of my eye over at the edge of the Peace Garden.

I turned to look and saw a glint of blue silver fur.

I was started at first and prepared myself to spring into jumping mode but something stopped me. My heart did a double beat jump. My catty powers were working overtime. I squinted to get a better look but I knew what my eyes were about to confirm.

Hey. A velvet voice called out, my heart jumped again. How's my pretty lady?

With that Troy Lamore, the most handsome cat I have ever seen stepped out from behind Tina Turners hair, the yellow tree that lives just in front of The Wiseman.

I could hardly contain myself fireworks were going off all over my body rippling through my coat and tickling my mind.

Troy! I called out, he grinned back at me, What are you doing here?

I heard some action was going down on here tonight and I thought I'd drop by to see if I could be of assistance.

With that he walked to the edge of the Peace Garden right up to me looking me straight in the eye. He was so beautiful, his fur as before shone with a blue hue. That taunt toned body of his and eyes of hypnotic gold prowled slowly towards me. I just stood and stared absolutely transfixed.

Here in front of my again was my mysterious man. The only man that has ever made my soul's shine yearn to beam right out and cuddle him with it's cloud of golden light.

I thought you were in Paris? 

I was, his breath gently warmed my nose as he spoke. 

Gee that baby sister of mine is just perfect. His words beautifully drawled forward towards me, but you know me pretty girl... I like to just keep on rolling on. 

I saw the New Year in with my family in Paris and then decided to go down south for a while. I thought I'd drop by see to BB. Not seen her in years and her pad in St Tropez is just fine for me. A bit of Winter warmth she just loves us cats.

At that point I realised our noses were touching, I was drawn in once more. He leaned around and stroked the side of my face with his, my heart jumped perfectly and we just sat there feeling. After a while his face broke out into his beautiful smile and his eyes twinkled at me. Mine twinkled back.

He sat back his face moved away from mine again. So what's all this I hear about cat crews, bullying, foxes and you right in the middle of everything? 

How did you hear?

Your networks been working very hard sweet Lil'. I was in a vine field a mile or two inland this morning when news got to me by an old Eagle Owl pal of mine who comes from that way, that you was having some trouble here.

You've come all that way today! You must be so tired?

I must admit I have been on the go all day.

You could do with a rest, I licked his leg.

I've caught a lift on one of their high speed trains that took me all the way back to Paris so managed to sleep on there. I then hitched in the luggage compartment of a coach. Real warm if you get right by the engine, it dropped me off about 5 miles away. 

He turned and looked at me directly in my eyes. So I see you've been feeling the wind in your fur then gorgeous? Enjoying bracing danger?

I guess I had been a bit. I blushed.

So fill me in. He rubbed my check with his again.

I smiled back it was lovely to have him here right in front of me but there was something else big going down tonight that I should also concentrate on.

It's a bit of a long story you've come a long way let me get you something to eat while I fill you in.

Wait right there. With that I rushed back indoors. Less than five minutes ago there I was searching through the stars and now here I was running around all skipping inside hurrying to get back to my handsome stranger.At that moment there was nothing more that I wanted to do!

Now where is that packet of Dreamies?