Saturday 2 February 2013

All Systems Go

After his little dance display earlier George came over and collected my portion of saved tipbits.

All systems go, he'd heard from Craig who had been liasing with The Land of Birds and the message was out. They'd even gone down as far as to reach the Gooses From The Lake for their hekp in getting the words spread.

Not just Catworld but all districts were abuzz. Foxy Lectar had not just been causing trouble around here but in many areas so Craig reported. He was sure the message had got to him or certainly would by midnight the time that the supposed revolution within Catworld was suppose to be happening.

I asked if George knew what was happening with Doublay but he said he'd not heard from Mogsie on that one so I guess we'll just have to play it by ear.

I'm both excited and so nervous. I keep on looking out even though I know there's not going to be any further news for ages. I hate a slowly ticking clock.