Friday 15 February 2013

He Asked, She Slapped

Not too sure what's going on between Emma and Spit but she's just slapped him.

Daddy was on the phone and I was trying to get his attention by getting in the way. When that didn't work I looked out the window to see if I could spot either Mogsie or his mate. That's when I noticed Emma and Spit on the garage roof.

They didn't look to be having a big argument or anything, no hissing was going on but all of a sudden Emma calmly took one paw and slapped Spit right across the face.

Spit then ran off over their back gardens. Emma didn't move or seem upset she just carried on about her business. I bet he propositioned her and she put him right in his place. He asked, she slapped!

Goodness me this frisky phase everyone seems to be in at the moment is causing nothing but problems. Everyone needs to take some bromide, calm themselves down a bit.