Friday 8 February 2013

And Out From The Shadows The Rainbow Owl Appeared

A sudden burst of bright light lit everything up around me and in front was this magical being. 

I was so astounded I caught myself saying out loud 

And out from the shadows the Rainbow Owl appeared.

This was something that I've heard about before in old cat fairytales. 

In times of great challenges one of the Owls would appeared to give you good advice. An Owl with a coat made from a rainbow would come to show you the way.

Legend had it that there were three of them and just like wishes they brought required information, you just had to listen to what they were trying to tell you.

This one's ears where hidden. I listened to my catty powers to what they were telling me.

I came to a conclusion. I shouldn't listen to words of others too closely. I should just listen to what my inner voice was saying. It was telling me to keep calm and it was telling me that I should move forward on my own at this time. No need to look behind as to who was following me.

I needed to keep alert for there would be tasks ahead of me that I needed to concentrate on and not have my opinion swayed by false words or to be drawn into gossip.

And with the passing of the sunbeam the Rainbow Owl once more turned and disappeared into the background. Standing silently on the stony ground, blending back in with his wooden surrounding.

Right I'm now ready to move forward. Off I go.