Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Growth Spurt

Hurrah daddy is working upstairs today I've got him all to myself.

I can tell he's loving it too. He's moved my chair right next to his and is giving me loads of strokes and cuddles between phone calls and work type things.

I'm so happy, since Rivers been here he's been spending more time downstairs. I think it's to babysit her but as she has grown up a bit I think he's beginning to get her used to spending more time on her own.

I can hear her downstairs playing and barking at people that are walking by. Daddy has been going down every now and then to make sure that she is OK and to give her some treats and cuddles so I guess he's doing the best he can.

Since she's had her hair cut I can really tell she's grown. She's not so much of a little baby anymore. The daddies are calling her a toddler now. She's had a real growth spurt and she's not the only one.

I've been showing daddy the Little Lemon Tree and how that has been going. Winter is supposed to be a time when plants and things slow down. Well our Little Lemon Tree seems to have been experiencing the exact opposite.