Tuesday 19 February 2013


Daddy has taken River out for a walk so I'm getting a bit of well deserved peace.

I know it seems like I moan about River a fair bitbut I do like her it's just that my schedule's been thrown all over the place and I can't wander around at will without having to check the coast is clear any more. As strange as it may sound I'm glad she's come to join our family.

She's not the only one that's joined our family, Spit and Doublay of course are now members of the Catworld family.

I've not seen much of either of them since those events a few weeks ago but I can see him now sitting on our back wall enjoying the last of the afternoon sun.

I really feel for him to he seems a little lonely I've not seeing him hanging around much with anyone. Now I'm not one for getting too close to anyone I'm coming up to 11 and feel like I'm past all that going out running around business but I do like a good chat every now and then and there's only so much human conversation I can take. Bless the daddies they try but they don't chat like a cat does.

I think I'll leave some Dreamies out for him or something, let him know that he's welcome to come around any time he likes. As long as it's not too near.