Friday 8 February 2013

Laurel & Hardy

A perfect afternoon for sunbathing I can see Doublay is taking a very enjoyable turn on the Sunshine shed.

I've kept myself to myself most of the week so I've also got that situation to have a bit of a think about as I just don't know what happened there since last weekend.

Not much sign of Spit this week and certainly no sign of any of the other New Cat Crew members. I still can't think what I should call them yet.

Laurel and Hardy seems to be tempting fate that they'll re-appear around here but it's the place I've put them to in my mind. A pair of buffoons to be laughed at.

I really want to reach out to Doublay more. He looks just like a panther up there. So reminds me of Evie. I think we could become good friends.