Wednesday 13 February 2013

A Very Strange Phenomenon

I've just been sky watching with daddy up in the office. We do this sometimes when he's working and he wants to take a break.

We look at the clouds and make patterns out of them, or watch the birds flying around. They can all bring messages of the verbal kind and also of a more universal kind. All very interesting if you can just tune out and listen to your inner self what that is saying to you even if at times it seems like gobbledygook

This morning as we are doing this I noticed the Sun and a very strange phenomenon. It's like it's shrouded in a mist of something and it's turned the sky brown!

Now don't get me wrong I've seen thousands of sunrises and sunsets. Days where you can't see the sun and others where it's so bright you can hardly look into the sky but this one I can't remember seeing before. A brown mystical sky. I wonder if it's foretelling of something about to happen?