Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Wardrobe In Nannies Room

The lighter Naughty twin really does have the devil in her at the moment.

Not only content to winding up the eligible men of the district up but now she's turned her attention onto Emma.

There poor Emma was sitting happily just digesting her lunch, courtesy of M, when the lighter Naughty Twin spotted her from AM's pathway. I watched her as she paused, you could almost see something going through her head.

She ran across the road taking the long route so as to not be spotted by Emma who was having a little clean. The lighter Naughty Twin crept under R's car, the wheel blocking view between them both, slowing down as to not make a noise before jumping out right behind her.

The only thing missing was a BOO!

Poor Emma nearly jumped right out of her fur, she dashed off about 5 meters before turning around and giving the lighter Naughty Twin a real glare.

I was up with daddy in the office and had a bird eye view and saw the whole thing. It reminded me of the time that daddy told me he hid in the wardrobe in nannies room.

He'd wanted some chocolate or something and thought that nanny was hiding it from him. He waited until she was settled down in bed reading her book before jumping out and nearly finishing her off there and then. They laughed about it later on daddy said although I've more of a feeling he did, not so sure about nanny finding it as hysterical as he obviously did.