Monday 4 February 2013

Last Night With Troy Lamore - Part 4

I came through the other side of the bush and stopped dead still in complete terror.

In front of me stood Foxy Lectar! I turned to my wanderer, my eyes searching for an answer. He simply looked back at me a soft smile on his face.

Leave. Him. Alone! My voice strong and steady.

Foxy Lectars eyes lit up

Go. Away! He replied. I swear spittle dripped from his tooth.

No. I turned my head towards him. My whole body was fixed tight to the spot. It was all I could do just to keep my voice from erupting.

There's nothing to be scared of. Troy's eyes told me in tones soft and tender.

That's enough. My voice firm and precise.

That's enough? He mocked

I'll tell you what's funny though if you want. My eyes pierced at him.

Us cats don't hate but if we did I think this must be what it's like. I felt so angry but as Troy had said calm was the key. That man who had got inside my head and my heart. His words made perfect sense.

Hey. I moved over to him It's OK I won't hurt you. Unless I have to.

He walked over to me. He was so close I could feel his breath on my face. Look.

I wouldn't move.

Look an aggressive tone rising in his voice.

No, You LOOK. I stood up and took to take a deep breath.

It's OK. Nothing will happen to you. The smoothness of my inner voice kept me calm

Just slowly turn and look over there, you will be glad you did..  

He looked up straight where I pointed towards the golden orbs of the factories lights.

Are you ready? I asked and swung out my claw right across the side of his face. Daddy always says try and find another way but surprise is your strongest friend.

In a flash he ducked down.

The New Cat Crew gasped in unison!

The moon although not full was bright and it had remained a clear night. Even with his head turned away from the lamp I could see a mark all down the side of his face. I couldn't turn away. I hadn't meant to do that. I dare not show that though.

He turned and looked at me and walked right up into my face. I felt his body gently rocking next to me and I turned to look at him. He gently nodded his head.

Never! I gritted my teeth so he knew I meant business and I pointed a claw in his direction.

I then turned to Flash.

Never! I pointed my claw towards him to.

Spit sat there his mouth catching wind. Chameleon was looking to Flash for some sign of what to do. Doublay stood with a bent head. Flash looked at me then began to speak really slowly.

I have never seen anything like this before. What do you lot. He waved his paw in the direction of Foxy and me. Think for are doing here!

I turned to face him square on.

I am hear to deliver a very clear. At that point I turned to face the stunned silence Foxy

And very precise message. Enough!

I turned to face Doublay

I soon must be on my way, you can come with me if you like?

He nodded.

I turned to Spit. You too if you want. 

He didn't respond.

What makes you think you have any say here. Flash spat at me.

I didn't say anything I just nodded to Foxy.

He turned his head back into the light of the lamp. He went to talk and the gash on the side of his face started to bleed. Even I was shocked at what damage I had done.

No bullies! No bullying! No way not in our World.. Not when I'm around.

Foxy saw his own blood falling to the ground. Yelped and ran off.

Pandemonium rarely parties alone!

Chameleon ran in one direction. Spit and Doublay ran in the other towards Catworld and Flash screamed, jumped, fell backwards, banged his head and dashed after Chameleon.

Troy stepped out from the bushes. He didn't speak but he smiled. We understood so much about each other and left it at that.

We both turned back towards the tunnel remaining silent. Our shoulders gentle touching we began to walk forward. At the far side on the tunnel a pair of cats eyes shone back before running off behind Doublay and Spit. It was too dark to make out who but someone must have seen everything.

It mattered not to me. I was standing with my Troy Lamore.

We walked back home slowly, neither speaking.  He broke the silence when we arrived back at the house of glass.

Tonight you showed me the wind in your fur. 

My heart pounded. We jumped up to cat dance tango. I held on tight it was exhilarating. Even though it was still cold I didn't feel it as the air rushed through my coat ruffling and waving as we spun around.

He lent towards me and whispered in my ear

I guess I had better be on my way pretty Lil', I've a long journey ahead and some Northern Lights to say hi to.

As he pulled away he again brushed my cheek with his.

Can't you stay a while? I asked

He smiled and turned. I think maybe for a while we could just lay and watch the stars pass us by.

Perfectly we sat cuddled up watching the sky. At some point I must have fallen asleep. When I woke he was gone.

My heart it dropped he was gone!

I didn't like goodbyes so maybe it was a good thing, even though I wish some time away for even a second more.

Just at that moment I heard a thump on the fence. I looked up and saw him.

He turned his head towards me. Remember my sweet my name is Troy Lamore.  With that off he jumped out of site.

I know I'll see you again. I called after him

You may my sweet, time and fate will tell.

I looked down the blanket was still beneath me and the Lei he'd given me had filled it with it's colour. Just a few hours ago he wasn't here and now he wasn't here again. All I now wanted to do was think about the night.

I lay down, closed my eyes and fell asleep again. The image of those eyes of gold dancing in my head.