Tuesday 12 February 2013

Maybe They Like The Smell Of Rubber

Well I'm not understanding this tyre obsession that everyone seems to be having today.

First of all Mogsie decided he wanted to claw at R's cars tyres. Ages he was at it and I've never witnessed behaviour like that from him before. Then Sarah went right over and sat next to them for ages like she was getting some warmth from them. Then the lighter Naughty Twin sat under his car and watched Sarah as she snuggled herself up against them.

I didn't see R out in it this morning so I don't think it's because they are warm or anything. Maybe they like the smell of rubber? Or maybe it's something else that I'm not quite understanding yet!

Even more interesting is the lighter Naughty Twin and Mogsie are never seen in the same place at the same time at the moment. I've noticed this over this past week or so since everything blew up.

I don't think they've had a big falling out. I've certainly not heard of one on the network but something's going on there that isn't what I expected after their recent shenanigans. I shall have to do some more investigating to see what I can discover.