Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Is There No Place That's Sacred!

Goodness me is there no place that's sacred!

Daddy has finished work and although he's left everything on in the office I could hear him running a bath so I knew he would be coming in and out.

Out of the blue who's little face do I see peering around the door frame just as I got comfortable on daddies chair. Yep River!

In she comes having a little sniff around. There she was looking right at me. There I was ready to do a leap but I must admit she was very good. She had a little look around, not disturbing or barking at me and then followed daddy into the bathroom where she sat on his clothes to keep them warm.

I guess she has been down there all day on her own and I know how that can feel if you have no choice in the matter. But really! This was my one bastian of tranquillity.

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