Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Tangled Path Lay Before Me

Yes a very tangled and winding path lay before me! That's what I saw when I looked ahead.

As if by Magic the sun had burst through the clouds brightening the route ahead. A path trodden by cats many times before had been carved out but looking around me I had no real idea if I would make it to the other side safely or not. This

This was unfamiliar territory for me and although logic told me to stick to the path, an easier route, I was tempted to go of an see what lay on each side. I didn't know what I would find out there it was like a forest and well I guess this was an adventure. 

By the look of things Spring was well on it's way. Everything had suddenly become very overgrown and needed tending urgently but that wasn't my task to deal with. I had an  altogether different motive in wanting to be on the other side. There was danger around!

I started to pick up my pace a little when I was sure the noise I'd been hearing was a River beginning to roar directly behind me. I turned and could see it rapidly bearing down on me. 

I could take evasive action if I acted quickly and I found myself moving at an increasingly rapid pace, the wind beginning to rush through my coat. Adrenaline has brought confidence as a running partner and I had built up speed.

Up ahead I could see some rocks that would raise me up a little and I should be safely out of the Rivers and harms way if I could make it in time.

The faster I ran the faster the River came. 

With one final leap I was up on higher ground and finally safe. As I looked around I saw a hedgehog and the Catmandont, all around them a carpet of purple was coming to life. 

Ah the legendary Carpet of Purple!