Sunday 17 February 2013

He Looked Astonished

I think the lighter Naughty twin may have got things mixed up a bit following on from her session with The Wiseman.
The thing is with The Wiseman is he always imparts good advice it's how it's understood, Maybe her lack of consulting experience has led her slightly astray.

She moved over to AM's doorstep placing herself very clearly in Mogsies eye line.

She then waved and pocked her tongue out at him.

Well we all know what happened the last time a tongue was poked out at someone in Catworld when George poked his tongue out during the cat council meeting and everything descended into chaos.

I don't know what Mogsie took from her actions exactly but very clearly he looked astonished as he just stared right back at her before walking around to his back garden leaving her sitting there like a right lemon.