Tuesday, 5 February 2013

And The End Of The Tale Of Two

In some places in other times that tale is still continuing.

But here I find myself at my end of the tale of two. It really was behind me now. 

You just have to believe in the wisdom of magic to see what's there in front of your eyes all along, I thought.

I moved a step of two nearer to get a clearer view. There was no looking back though. The hole that I'd come through was totally closed now, an enchanted forest lay ahead.

I took a deep breath and smiled. 

Over on this side it was a land of cats and fairies that much I already knew. A different world where lost endings could be found. Ahead was a journey of very new territory to me.  

I looked before me and saw eyes glinting back. Eyes I did not recognise, but I wasn't scared.

I believed in Magic. I believe it's power could bring back that which was invisible to me. Journeys can interlink if magic is around and words can break spells. You just have to believe.

They tell of different pathways to travel, of other adventures to take and of the quest that we all have inside of us if we dare to search.

To find that which is lost to us.

I was now on my way.