Sunday 17 February 2013

A Love Tornado

Sarah has just popped by and has asked for my help.

It's put me in a bit of an awkward position to be honest, she wants some help with the lighter Naughty Twin.

I was just there sitting with daddy enjoying the last bit of todays glorious sun when she dropped by. Luckily the window was open so we didn't have to lip read or use out catty powers to converse.

She's worried about the lighter Naughty Twins recent behaviour. She said she's tried to advise her on the best way to handle the situation but she's nearly at the end of her tether with it all.

I tried to give an understanding look. The thing is no matter what I've come to understand that you have to tread very carefully in these sort of situations.

She said Bella has all but given up trying to help and now that Emma has moved out there's no other female around to act in unison. I totally understand her position but it puts me in a really difficult one.

However I will do anything I can, I can keep inpartial and I've definitely got my own emotions about this matter in hand. Sarah can't be everywhere at once and needs someone else to keep a watchful eye out for the Naughty Twin.

Of course I'll help, we've all been where Sarah is at the moment and even if it's in different circumstances we've all been caught up in a love tornado at one point or another. I must admit to being a little bit flattered that I've been asked to help out.