Friday 22 February 2013

Watching The Snow From My Comfy Chair

Well yes it's here it's snowing again it's all very wispy and I don't think it's going to settle.

It may look really pretty but boy it's too cold for me and I really don't want to go out in it today. Daddy told me River was very excited when he went downstairs just now. Thinking about her playing it in her little paws flaying around everywhere does make me laugh. The Cheshire Cat would be proud of me.

I saw the lighter Naughty Twin a little while ago sitting out waiting for it just before it started how she does it I don't know!

I'm going to make sure I'm nice and warm and sit here in my comfy chair up with daddy in the office having a little rest and keeping warm.

Come to think of it I hardly ever seem to see her and the darker Naughty Twin hanging out together these days, it's a bit of a shame they were inseparable at one point. I've not heard of any falling outs between them recently so I guess they have just grown apart a little bit as they are growing up. Shame that.

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