Friday 15 February 2013

Dropping Right Out Of The Sky

Disappears daddy is off today so it's been a sleepy wake up to the morning.

Stay took River down for her breakfast and turned on the radio to keep her company while we came back upstairs to work.

He always likes to give me a little update on the world news before we start and I generally just sit there listening to him glancing out the window as I wake up myself.

Sometimes he comes up with some really interesting stories and today he's been telling me about some comet that has flown over Russia. It caused quiet a mess by all accounts breaking windows as it fell and splintered all around. Wow he was only talking about this sort of thing on Sunday, bit of a co-incidence or what.

Then he got onto some gossipy type stuff and I tuned out. As I tuned out I scanned Catworld and did a double take. Mogsie was sitting over on his pathway having a big old chat with another cat. A stranger. His double.

Who is this mysterious newcomer who dropped right out of the sky? Are they related? They certainly seem like old friends they way they are chewing the cud.

He sure is a fine specimen of a cat, well he would be he looks just like Mogsie. There's a familiarity about him I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.