Sunday 24 February 2013

Once Upon A Time Bridget Jones Meets Cats & Dogs

The daddies and River have been out this evening. I think they went to see the girls but I can't be sure.

Everyone's come in very tired and are just going about their business. Well I say everyone what I mean is that daddies are minding their own business River is trying to mind mine.

As annoying as I find her sometimes when I just want to be left alone I must admit I've grown very fond of her and am very protective when I think she might be upset. Who ever knew that would happen? Mind you half the things that happen around here these days I never thought would happen.

The quietness of the evening gave me a lot of time to think about how things have changed for me since moving here.

Luckily I was familiar with the area as nanny lived here and I use to come and visit with Evie and Charlie. Evie would run around and cuddle up to Smokie, Misty and Lucy just sitting there . Evie and Smokey had a special relationship and a real adoration for each other that was obvious to anyone that saw them. Neither of them sadly are here any more. Lots of things are different from those times.

Nadia's been a bit of a constant though. We both came within a year of each other and have always had a respectful and cooperative relationship we just don't fuss each other much. Charlie adored her sleeping next to her until he went.

Now of course there's River. Now that is all together another experience but we're getting there.

I've even found myself venturing out into Catworld. There's been drama's and quiet times, friendships formed and battles fought and more than a sprinkle of loves dust. It's like Once Upon A Time Bridget Jones Meets Cats & Dogs.

Whatever is next? Oh I know boiled chicken I can hear daddy at the stove now.

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