Tuesday 12 March 2013

I Couldn't Help But Smile

Daddy is back in bed and after Stay finished work and went out I ventured in there to check up on him, make sure he was OK.

I'm so glad I did I saw the darker Naughty Twin out on one of the sheds and quickly ran out before he went away. 

We've not had the same level of contact that I have with his sister so I felt a bit bad instantly coming out and asking him about George so I said hello and broke the ice by asking how the snow was over there.

He was a little cautious to all this sudden interest in chatting to him and he didn't seem to want to talk much. I guess in the same circumstances I'd have been the same.

I didn't really know how to approach the subject but felt a bit of a fool so asked if he'd say Hi to George for me. 

He's been wondering where you were, he replied. 

I couldn't help but smile.