Sunday 31 March 2013

The First Part Of My Plan... get out there searching with the cats and for that I needed to get past the River standing in my way. Us cats through the ages have suffered similar tasks and tribulations so I breathed deeply and stepped forward drawing on the power of past and present.

River resting in front of me, cats a calling on the other side, the way forward needed a distraction plan. I needed to tune my wits and put my head into the lions mouth.

I stepped forward, I could see it beginning to stir. Even though I was treading carefully it could feel my gentle motion and responded cautiously at first but it was acting aware. Just what I hoped for I needed the focus to be on me. River stirred again and as I moved closer acting in a nonchalant way it slowly fell for my plan and settled back down again.

This was working!

I needed to lull my foe into a false sense of serenity. Remember to keep a calm head, those words echoed in my head. My actions followed.

Just as there was a hypnotic settling of my foe, up I jumped and around the back. I'd so totally diverted the Rivers attention that it had moved out of my way as if by magic and a clear pathway lay ahead of me over to the calling cats, telling me to hurry!

Cats and Dogs - The Other Side