Saturday 9 March 2013

Quite Alluring

Tommy and Mogsie have been hanging together out this afternoon. 

There's something about two men just hanging out together that's quite alluring. I guess it's just all that manliness especially with those two as they are so similar and so manly.

My curiosity about Tommy is growing. Mogsie's history is a little patchy and  I'm sure they must be related in some way if not brothers then maybe cousins or something.

I'd ask Mogsie but I don't think he's speaking to me at the moment and I don't want to exasperate things. 

Jealousy is such a horrible emotion I know I've suffered from it greatly in the past and it's just eaten me up got me all tied up in knots and generally over nothing. I do hope it's not doing the same to Mogsie as much as we've had a complicated relationship/friendship or whatever you call it I wouldn't want him to be hurting because I've been spending time with George lately.

Talking of time I think I'd better start getting moving I've only got about 4 hours to get ready and I want to look my best I hope the rain continues to keep at bay wet hair is not an attractive look on a cat.