Thursday 21 March 2013

Bring It On

Well it's nice to see that the patrols are still on going. 

The two Magpies have been jumping around on M and R's lawn before flying up to the roof where they appear to be keeping an eye out for me. The lighter Naughty Twin has also been doing her rounds over the back fence and pacing up and down C's lawn. I guess we are on high alert again then.

If Foxy has a problem with me I do wish he would come over here and confront me with it though. Of course it's never nice having to do with humiliation and the like, well he shouldn't have been vandalising and trying to terrorise the neighbourhood then. Just goes to prove for every action there's a reaction and mine I suppose was very clear.

If only he had come in with a different attitude we could all have got along with each other, the mantra of Catworld all are welcome in Peace. However he chose the other route one of destruction and intimidation neither of course are very attractive qualities. I guess I'm getting too old for all this nonsense, you want a battle well bring it on.