Sunday 17 March 2013

Oh I So Know They're Back

Oh I so know there back!

The daddies and River have been somewhere for the weekend. I didn't know where they didn't tell me before they went but when C came in to feed me and look after me I guessed that they were gone for a day or two.

Oh boy how I enjoyed the peace it was like a kickback to the old days being able to walk around wherever and whenever I pleased without the worry of where that little minx was. I so enjoyed just sleeping on the sofa and coming and going to my own tune although I am glad they are home now I know I'm about to be spoilt rotten.

I guess things are now going to return to normal. Still I have missed them and C took great care of me, I'll pop by and thank her in person in a bit. River's come running up now so I think I'm now about to be filled in to what has been going on.

Go on then I'm listening, actually I've not got much choice she's trapped me on the table.

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