Sunday 3 March 2013

Boys Will Be Boys!

I knew there was trouble coming as soon as I saw Mogsie walking up his pathway.

George was sitting by the door waiting to go in and didn't spot him as soon as Mogsie got to the corner he spotted George though.

With hardly a pause he walked straight towards George, neither side looked happy.

In the nick of time M opened the door and came out. She must have seen what was about to happen as she told Mogsie off. 

She then picked George up very carefully and walked him back over to our side of the road talking to him as she went. She out him down and off he ran home.

Cut 5 meters to the right and Mogsie was approaching a standing M, who was making sure George got home OK. Mogsie hadn't even stopped he'd been following M as soon as she picked George up. He must really want it out with him.

M distracted Mogsie for a while and he rolled on the pathway in front of her the sun beating down on him.

Oh boys will be boys!