Saturday 23 March 2013

Hunker Down

What a start to the morning. River jumping all over the daddies as they slept until Stay grabbed her in under the covers to quieten her down.

It was OK for a bit but in the end you just have to give in to the inevitable and get up. In my case make a slow move and at any sign of movement behind you then run like billy-o. Still as it turned out getting up this early on a Saturday morning didn't turn out to be a waste of time.

Two Pieces of information have come my way and it's barely past dawn. The first was from the lighter Naughty Twin.

I'm so glad we've sorted things out between the two of us. We were getting fairly close and then everything went a bit belly up, goes to prove you should never let anyone get in the way of friendship. Anyway last night was a Foxy free night she said. She'd been on watch all night and not a whisper of him.

The second was from one of the Wood Pigeons out the back having a little peck around trying to get some breakfast. We should prepare she said snow again was on it's way. This is madness I can't remember having snow this late in the year for ages, I mean it's Spring now. Oh well everyone we'd best hunker down.

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