Tuesday 26 March 2013

I Know The Rules

And then not long after George appears so does Sarah. She called out from the other side of the road to me back up in the office. I sneaked in when daddy went to the bathroom and quietly sat on the window ledge. If I'm still and quiet I can stay, I know the rules! 
I wish I knew the love rules though they are much more confusing. 

She mouthed if I was around later for our catch up and I nodded yes. Boy today is turning out to be quiet busy social wise and I've hardly even woken up properly yet. She couldn't come over now as she was waiting for breakfast but said that she would pop around, River's absence permitting, this afternoon.

Good plan I heard daddy telling River he's take her for a nice long walk this afternoon if she was a good girl. I think he'll take her anyway whether she is or not cause let's be honest if that promise rests of her being a good girl we'll probably be cooped up in here all day together.