Monday 4 March 2013

It's Official Nadia Is Missing!

So Nadia is missing this can happen at this time of year.

Last year it was terrible the fuss Stay daddy caused when she hibernated herself outside. Oh the elation and joy when she finally resurfaced perfectly fine from somewhere within the mud where she'd buried in.

Daddy couldn't take the strain two years on the trot and so made sure that she went to sleep indoors. He tried with the little red box but she hated that. He then brought her a cosy Hawaiian house but she rejected that when River took a liking to the roof.

Eventually after a couple of walks around she went back to her favourite place behind the fridge. Strange as to go to sleep Nadia likes the warmth not the cold she should have. She takes after daddy like that.

However yesterday daddy discovered that she wasn't there behind the fridge. He's checked out this morning all her usual haunts. The place near the fire where she can get under, the flu outlet near where the sweet tin is and even out by the downstairs toilet. He drew a blank in all locations!

It's official Nadia is missing!