Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Doublay Date!

What on earth is going on? Now Doublay's out the back this is getting ridiculous! OK what next?

Well what as next was nothing he just sat there looking at me, I knew what was going on. When the cat courtship dance begins the tempo picks up. Oh cats across the land would be dancing crazy tonight there was something in the air.

The cat courtship dance has two parts to it. The day dance and when the sun gone down the moonlight dance. That dance can get very crazy almost fevered at times a smell of madness twinkling through the night air.

This however was the day dance which is much the same as in many cultures. 

Lady standing around men come preening or swaggering, flattering or trying to cheek it out of you but the dance is the same. Well not with this lady! 

I went half way up the garden and called out to Doublay. See you here tonight at 9

I'm blowing the other two out! 

What they think that I'm going to be so easily tempted back in? Pah they gotta work MUCH harder than that.

Right now I must start to get ready for my Doublay date.