Sunday 3 March 2013

The Women Laugh

I'm upstairs in the office having a Sunday morning nose about Catworld.

I spotted George over the road talking to Sarah. As soon as he spotted me he pretended not to see me and walking the longest and most visual route home he sauntered. He couldn't resist having a little look over this way to see if I was watching him as he went down Tiny's pathway.

He saw I saw him and he poked his tongue out at me for being caught.

I called over to Sarah to see if she saw that. She nodded

He's unhappy with you, she smiled back.

We both laughed. She knew that I knew, that she knew, what I knew what he was playing at and she knew that I knew exactly what I was doing.

Oh trouble Sarah laughed at me, indicated over to a striding lighter Naughty Twin before running off cackling to herself to get some brunch.

The lighter Naughty Twin walked straight past Emma who had exchanged placed with Sarah and sat on the far side of the car.

Oh wonder what's got her gander up?

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