Monday, 25 March 2013

Speed Demon

Oh dear this is madnesss. I tried to get Emma's attention earlier to find out what all that business between George and Mogsie was about earlier and as soon as she saw me she sped off around the corner like a speed demon.

I'd be more worried about her than I am but I saw her with M this morning and she seemed very happy and content around her mummy. Maybe Emma just needs a bit of a break from the rest of us cats. 

Thinking about it I suppose there has been a fair amount of fallouts and drama's this year she probably just doesn't want to be dragged into anything cause let's face it we all get tired of the drama sometimes.

Doesn't help me with my little mystery though. I know I'll try and catch Sarah she and George are close she might know and we've still to have our little coffee morning yet and chat about what's going on with me and George.